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Earn Walmart Free shipping code by doing small jobs, earn points and get free groceries.

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Free Walmart Gift Cards at PrizeField

Free Walmart Gift Cards are a dream for most of who love shopping. On PrizeField you can earn Free Walmart Gift Cards through earning points. Save yourself some money and start earning on PrizeField today. You can obtain a Free Walmart gift card with doing small jobs for our sponsors, like filling out a survey, downloading an app, playing a game or watch some videos. Create an account today and start earning some points for your free Walmart Card.

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    How to earn Walmart free shipping promo code?

    Walmart is one of the biggest stores in the world. To get started with PrizeField and earning your Free Walmart code you need an account. Once you have created an account, you will get access to the EarningField. The EarningField is the place where you can earn points, claim cards, find your referral link, redeem coupon codes and many more. To get you started, we made a small guide with some steps you can follow:

    • Press on the button “Start Earning,” when you press on the button you will go to the signup
    • Once you see our signup page, it’s time to fill in a valid email and create a strong password and press signup to create your account.
    • When you registered or logged in on our website, you will be redirected to the EarningField. So log in and start earning some points!
    • Do you already have enough points? Cool, then claim your Walmart card at the tab “Claim.”
    • Wait some time; you will receive the code by email or money by PayPal

    As you can see it is pretty easy to use to earn gift cards. If you still have a hard time making your points or you need help anyway, feel free to contact us by our contact page or start a live chat with our colleagues.

    How to redeem a Walmart gift card

    Now you have received your Free Walmart gift card codes, and you know what you can purchase with the card, it’s time to redeem it. To redeem your gift card at the Walmart website you should follow the steps below. You can only redeem you Walmart card one time, after using the code you can forget the code.

    1. Go the official Walmart website.
    2. Choose your products.
    3. During checkout, you will reach a payment
    4. Select the gift
    5. Add your add by entering the code.
    6. Enjoy your products!

    Are those Walmart cards legit?

    Yes, the gift cards PrizeFied provides are legit, because we purchase to buy them in large numbers. By filling out ads, you help our advertisers. Those advertisers pay PrizeField for the service. We as PrizeField purchase new cards from that money and put them in our reward system, so you can earn the cards. With our business model, we make every participant happy and we try to do our service as best as possible. If you still not sure about our service feel free to check out reviews on trust spot.

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    The Perfect Gift to Give to someone

    One of the hardest things in life is choosing a gift for a friend his birthday. What can you buy? What should you buy? A Walmart card is a perfect gift for everyone since Walmart is one of the biggest stores on the planet. You can find all kind of products on their website. Everyone on the earth will see one product they would love to get for free.

    By earning a Walmart free shipping coupon, you get a digit code by email, nothing more. So when you gift this code to someone makes sure you will buy a beautiful card where you can write a small text and the code. When you gift this card to somebody, he will be pleased. This cannot be a wrong present for anybody because everybody can decide by themselves how they want to spend their Walmart card.

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