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Referral System Explained

When I ask 20 people “what is a referral system?” I get ten different answers to my question. Many businesses have referral systems, and they all have some own unique features.

But what is the PrizeField referral system?

This is quite simple because we are using a straightforward referral system method. In normal sales and business talks, you hear about mouth to mouth promotion. This means when your friend is talking about PrizeField, and he says he likes it and he makes money with it every day you would look at PrizeField and give our rewarding system a change! But what will you do as that same friend told you, PrizeFiels is a waste of your time, and you should not go to that website. You will never go because you know that your friend does not like the website so why should you give it a change right?


PrizeField has his method of this; we had an online business to we also talk about online mouth to mouth promotion but… a fact is that you cannot make a mouth to mouth promotion when you are computing. So that’s why there is a referral system.

How does it work?

It is pretty straight forward every user that registers at PrizeField gets an account, and every account has an own unique link that he or she can use to spend over the web. When you spread your link over the internet for example on Facebook or Quora, people can register for PrizeField through your link. This means you can search for users for us.

But why should you do that?

The reason people share our link massively is that you get 70 points for each time someone is registering through your link. Our automatic system detects all those registers through your link. So you only need to share your link, and the rest will go automatic. There is not even a delay between someone that is registering and the time when you receive the 70 extra points.

So we just gave you a Dahm good reason to share your referral link all over the web!

So get started today create an account here and grab your referral link! Share it on the web, and you will get some free points, and you might be able you get your favorite Gift Card for free at PrizeField.

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