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Free Spotify Premium, Get it today! 

Free Spotify premium cards allow people to listen to every music number on the planet without commercials. Everyone listen to music and Spotify is a unique application that serves all the music in one app/program. Many people subscribe to their services, but it is not cheap. You usually need to pay 10 dollars for a 1month card. At our website we have solutions for all gift cards so, Spotify free is no exception to that. On PrizeField you get an Spotify Premium account today. 

How to get Spotify premium free?

how to get free spotify? is it possible? or not? Many people over the world are paying for Spotify, and they do not know about a service like this. We can provide you a Spotify gift card at this website. Let us guide you through the five simple steps how to get Spotify premium for free:  

  1. Press on the button; The first step will be pressing on the button “start earning” then you will be redirected to the next step.
  2. Create an account; Then you see a register screen where you need to register, keep in mind type a valid email address so we can send you a Free Premium Code to that email account.
  3. Earn Points; Once you made an account, you have access to our network application where you can start earning points to claim gifts cards.
  4. Claim a Card; Once you have collected enough PrizePoints you can claim a card, and we will send it to you as soon as possible.
  5. Enjoy your Free Music. 
How To Get Free Spotify

It is quite simple
As you can see it is quite simple to get a Spotify premium. It will take less then 10 minutes to get enough points if you can type fast. Besides that, everyone can get our gift cards. You can use our service at every age, and we always try to make the steps as simple as possible.

Spotify Free vs Premium?  

Spotify is a music streaming application that has apps for macOS, Windows, iPhone, Android devices. With this application, you can log in and get access to all the music that is popular at the moment.  


Furthermore, the free version of Spotify is not that nice at all, because you will hear ads now and then. With Spotify premium, you don’t have any commercials anymore. 

Forced to shuffle 

Besides that, you are forced to hear everything in shuffle mode, so you have less control when listening to music on Spotify. 

Always online 

You also need to be always online. Being always online means you need an internet connection on your device. Without an internet connection you cannot listen to Spotify 

Can’t follow friends.

With the Spotify free version, you can’t follow friends and see which music they are listening. We think this is an excellent feature of Spotify because this is the way you explore new music. 

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Spotify Premium Benefits.

We already noticed some things you cannot do with the free version of Spotify. So, it is obvious that you can do this when you get your hands on a Spotify premium account. But that’s not all. We also told you that you will need an internet connection on your device. But the main problem of this is 4g internet is very expensive in the most countries and besides that you mostly have a limit on how many gigabytes you can use monthly. So, in end Spotify premium is more than worth, because you are able to download music at home on your WIFI connection and listen it without spending your mobile internet. With streaming on 4g you lose 1 GB for every 2 hours of listening. 

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Is getting Spotify free legit?

This question is a question we get quite a lot the last days. We think that the reason for this question is that the amount of fake generator you see on the web these days. Our system is not working like that. Our website makes it possible to get Free Spotify premium accounts because you need to do something in return. For example, you can download an application or playing a game from one of our sponsors to get points. When you have collected enough points, you can claim a Spotify gift card. Still not sure? You need to check our TrustSpot reviews to verify that you are using our website safe!

Spotify premium hack or no hack?

Our website isn’t a hack or generator tool that you see a lot. We bought a lot of gift cards and made it possible for you guys to get them when you do something in return for our advertisers. This concept is worldwide legit, and everyone in the world can use this tool without any problems.

How to redeem your code?

Redeeming is very easy on Spotify; you need to know the right website. You need to go to the Spotify redeem code website and follow the steps below:

  • Enter the code you get from us.
  • Restart you Spotify application
  • enjoy your Spotify premium.

Spotify family included?

At the moment it is not possible to get some Free Spotify family account. We are working on this, but it is not our priority. There are many new things we need to apply on our website. Once it is here, we will make an entirely new page for such a code.

Still not sure about our service our Spotify?

In this case, you can also wait and try the Free trial of Spotify premium, and in case you want to pay for Spotify without filling out surveys or play games you can always go to the website where you can get your Free Trial. You can find the trail page here. So where are you waiting for, make your Spotify account a Spotify free account?


redeem step 1
redeem step 2

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How get Spotify on your device?

Okay, you want to listen to your favorite music on Spotify, you claimed a card on PrizeField but what now? How to get access to everything? If you are a new user and not have that many computer experiences, it can be a bit hard to get everything to work. So that’s why we made this excellent guide for you. So that everyone can use our service without any problems. So let’s get started

First of all, you need to know where you want to listen to music. You can choose from IOS/iPhone/iPad, Windows PC, MacOS PC or Android Phone/Tablets. We made a list of links under this paragraph where you can click on and install the application on the device you use!

Official Spotify Downloads:

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