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How to get free Riot points in League of Legends?

For every League Of Legends champion, you can buy a skin, but they are very expensive. On PrizeField you can earn points and trade those points into a League of Legends Free Riot Points Card.

Earning points to get Free RP is very easy, you can play games, download apps, watch video’s or join giveaways to earn those points. So join the number one place to get Riot Points today and stop spending your money on games.

Getting riot points is extremely easy to do. We described the steps you have to follow to get started with earning some points. To earn points, you need to have access to our EarningField. To get access to the EarningField you need to create an account. So to do this follow the steps below:


  1. Press the button that says “start earning” when you pressed the button our website will put you through our registration page.
  2. To register you need a valid email address, protect your account with a unique password, and you are good to go.
  3. Once you pressed the register button and you filled the form field correct in you will be put through by the website to our EarningField.
  4. The EarningField is exactly what it sounds like; it is the place where you can earn the points to claim your Riot Points Gift Card.
  5. When you’re done collecting points in the EarningField and you have enough for claiming a Free Lol RP Card you should go to the claim prizes tab. Search the correct card and click on the claim button.
  6. The last thing is to check your email, we will send you the free riot codes directly. In some cases it can take up to 7 days but be patient it’s still all for free.
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What is League Of Legends?

League of Legends is a competitive online game with many RPG elements. Two teams (blue and red) with five players that all have his own champion. There are more than 150 champions in the game, and every champion has his strengths and weaknesses.

Because of all, that variety is making the right choice when picking your champion a critical task in the game. The map is split up into five roles, and there are three lanes.

Every lane has a bounce of towers that the other team needs to destroy. The five roles you can play are a jungle, mid lane, top lane, and bot lane. In the end, you have to play together as a team and destroy the end nexus of the opponent.

How to earn points?

Earning points the extension of this website. We have many advertisers that provide the best offers that you can do to make points. Offers are making points and do something in return; there are four things you can do to make some points.

Those things are earning points by watching the video, downloading apps, playing games and finding out some surveys. To get started you can create an account by pressing on the button below and start earning some free riot redeem codes.

What is Free RP Gift Cards?

Free RP Gift Cards are cards that you can redeem in the League Of Legends store that give you some RP. Every 1580 points are worth 10 euro; you can buy cheap skins for 975 RP. Now you can see that RP buying for League Of Legends is costly.

For this reason, we have added the league of legends Riot Points into our EarningField. So if you want to have some RP, you should start earning points and create an account right away in case you do not already have an account.

What Can You Buy With Riot Points?

Riot Points is the primary currency for League Of Legends, with this currency you can buy several things. To help you make the right decision when choosing what to do with your riot points. So check out the list we made for you below so that you know what to buy in the League of Legends Store.

Many new players do not have all the champions in the game, and if you are smart, you always buy champions over skins. Heroes are a character where you can play with, and skins are just the looking of a specific hero.  So we suggest you try new champions and buy a new champion with your Free Lol RP.

free riot points card

You can also get yourself a brand new mod skin lol, for the champion you like the most. We suggest you to always buy
skins for a champion that you play the most. Most players want to purchase coats, and this is a big moneymaker for League of Legends. Lol, those items are so popular that most of you will buy skins from the RP that you are earning at PrizeField.

You can also purchase cute emotes to communicate with your team or make your opponent mad. Emotes is an entirely new feature that League added a short while ago. Emotes are nice but not worth your RP points.

Last but not least you can buy a chroma for free skin. Chroma is a unique color version of a specific skin In the game.
You can not purchase chromas for all skins.

Clash Of Clans Card
Clash Royale Card
Bitcoin Card
PayPal Card
Netflix Card
Fortnite Card

How to redeem League Of Legends codes?

Once you get your RP Code, you want to use it as soon as possible. That’s why we made this paragraph to show people that are new to League Of Legends how to redeem their code. So we talked enough, check how it works below:

  1. First login to your account, make sure that this is the correct account where you want to receive the
  2. Open the riot store that you can find inside your client
  3. Click on Purchase RP
  4. Select the tab Prepaid Card & Codes
  5. Enter the correct code you received in your email

Enjoy your league of legends free skins/riot points.

Redeem RP

Stop using RP Generators.

We want to warn you for a lot of fake lol generators on the web. Most of the time you get scammed by those websites. They let you fill out one survey, and you will receive nothing. We suggest you avoid those fake websites, besides the fact that they scam you they can also try to steal your information or something like that. If you are not sure if a site is safe, then you can use our website
checker to find out.

At our website, you can earn points and claim RP points the fairway. PrizeField is a rewarding legal system. Let people earn a gift card for free, where all the involved participants are happy. With PrizeField every participant is satisfied because you are so glad when you are getting a gift card for free. Our advertisers are delighted because you help them with their business and PrizeField is satisfied because we run a profitable company.

So create an online PrizeField account and claim your online real riot points free codes today, and tell your friends about our reward website so that they also have the opportunity to get online free Riot points.

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