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Start earning Free PS Plus Codes 2020

Are you looking for PS Plus Codes for Free in 2020? We warmly welcome you to Prizefield. PS Plus Codes can be earned Free in 2020. With PrizeField, you get several gift cards, including the PlayStation Plus gift Code. Get back online, playing with your friends within minutes. Besides that, without paying for an expensive PlayStation Plus subscription. With PrizeField, you can get Free PlayStation Plus Codes. You can do this by earning points in our  EarningField. Get access to our EarningField today and get a unique Free PlayStation Plus gift code. Watch some videos, play some games, download apps, and fill out surveys. That how you get enough points so you can get yourself a PS Plus membership gift card. Don’t worry we are not a PSN Code generator. You do not need a credit card with PrizeField. Our services are 100% Free. So take this opportunity and get some Free PlayStation Plus Codes today. This is working for every PlayStation console, like the PlayStation 4.


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    How to get PS Plus Codes in 2020

    There is so many PS Plus content. This is since PS Plus is the most popular online gaming network on earth. But most of the time, they are expensive. We found an excellent solution for the people that cannot afford this. At PrizeField, it is possible to get PS Plus Codes by earning points in our EarningField. So get started with gaining Free PlayStation Plus Codes. Follow the simple steps to make your own unique account. So please sit back and enjoy the ride to our EarningField. With this simple guide that we have created for you below. A simple method that gives you the opportunity to earn PSN Codes for the PlayStation Store.

    1. Start: get started by clicking/pushing on the button. 
    2. Get an account: Now, it’s time to make yourself a personal account where you can earn and save points. Besides that, at the EarningField, you are also able to spend your points and redeem a gift card of choice.
    3. Gain points: now you can gain some points at the earn points section in the EarningField.
    4. Claim Free PS Plus Code: now you have earned enough points to claim your card. You need to go to the claim prize tab on the menu. Click here on the Free PlayStation Plus gift card and press claim.
    5. Now is your Code claimed, wait some time and you will receive the Code in your mailbox.

    If you still facing problems or issues with redeeming your Code in the PlayStation Store. Feel Free to contact the support page or support chat.


    What is PlayStation Plus?

    PlayStation Plus, abbreviated to PS Plus, is a paid-for PlayStation Network subscription service that provides users with access to premium features. These extras include early access to upcoming gaming content, beta trials, regular store discounts, and the ability to have system software updates and game patches download automatically to the console.  As part of the membership, members are given two PlayStation games every month and 100 GB of internet storage space for saved game files.

    PlayStation Plus is nothing more than a membership. With this membership, you get some extra PlayStation Network features. Some of them are extra, and some of them are more required for a PlayStation game. It’s all about playing online with your friends on your PlayStation, but there is more. We explain every single PlayStation Plus feature in this section of this page. We do this to make clear what you can do with it. Based on this information, you can make the right choice of getting a PlayStation Plus gift card. Or maybe another one. A PS Plus Code can be redeemed in the PlayStation Store.

    What do you get with PS Plus?

    PS Plus is very useful to have and this is why.

    1. Playing online with friends: The main features of PS Plus are getting access to playing online. Playing online is more and more required by the newest PS4 console content. Besides, most players must have such a subscription. That is why this is the most popular feature to purchase PS Plus.
    2. The second one is getting the Free PS4 games that most of you like to have. Every month PlayStation Network releases several games. You can download and have for Free. The games are brand new and still sold them in local stores. Once you added a game to your library, it forever attached to your PlayStation account.
    3. Getting the best deals: PlayStation content is costly. However, when you have a PS Plus membership, you have access to great monthly deals to purchase games. Mostly they are cheaper than in the local store, and that’s why this is also a great feature.
    4. Making use of the party’s feature is very closely related to the first one. Party is the primary way to communicate through a headset with your friends. Calling through a party with your friend is good when you are playing tactic games. Besides that, this increases your gaming experience a lot.

    So as you can see, there are many great features of having PlayStation Plus. But in conclusion, it is also costly to purchase. That’s why we suggest you to start earning some points and get yourself a PS Plus card today.

    Get PS Plus and redeem your code in the PlayStation Store. Sony is the main company behind everything from PlayStation. Besides that Sony is one of the biggest companies in the world.

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    About the PlayStation Network

    PlayStation Network (PSN) is a digital media entertainment service provided by Sony Interactive Entertainment. Launched in November 2006, PSN was originally conceived for the PlayStation video game consoles. The PlayStation Network is one of the biggest video gaming networks on the planet. Xbox Live their main competitor. There are also Free PSN Codes or also called PlayStation gift card. Those cards are different from the PlayStation Plus gift cards. Both gift cards are redeemed in the PlayStation Store.

    What are the differences between PSN Codes and PS Plus Codes

    PSN Codes are codes that have a digital PSN money value on it. PSN Codes can be easily redeemed in the PlayStation Store. The PSN Codes are mostly used to purchase awesome games in the PlayStation Store. In fact, PSN Codes can be spent Freely. You can spend PSN Codes on everything you like. That’s a great benefit of PSN Codes. The PlayStation Plus Codes, on the other hand, are Codes, especially for PlayStation Plus. You are able to get a Free PlayStation Plus membership for three months, six months, or a whole year. As you can see, there is a huge difference between PSN Codes and PS Plus Codes. So if you want to play online and get Free awesome games, then get some PS Plus Codes. But if you want to buy some new games, you should get some Free PSN Codes instead. So why purchase Codes if you can get some free codes?


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    How can I receive a PS Plus Code?

     Getting a Free PS Plus Code is very easy. Once you claim your card, it can take up to 7 days until you received your code. We strive to send you within 24 hours your code. We send the PS Plus Codes by email, and we need to explain why we do this like this. First of all, our unique selling points are fast and easy. When we send some PS Plus Codes to your home from Amerika to Germany, it takes over two days. However, when we are carrying just the Free PS Plus Code on the card by email. This can be done by our employees within 1 minute. So to keep our promise that we have the fastest payout form all strictly comparable sites. We send the PS Plus Codes very fast. You only need to exchange the Free PlayStation Plus Code in the PlayStation Store. Give your gaming experience a boost and get your self some PS Plus Codes.

    Get your free code today? No credit card or human verification required.

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