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Earn Free Pokemon Go Coins by doing small jobs, earn points and claim Pokemon Go card.

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Earn Free Pokemon Go Coins

PrizeField is the best location to get Free Pokemon Go Coins. Earn points by filling out surveys, watching videos, downloading apps and even play some games. Every offer has his unique amount of points value that will be added to your EarningField. To get a PrizeField account you should press on the button at the top of our website. Give yourself the opportunity to enjoy your Pokemon Go game even more.

How to get coins in Pokemon Go?.

How to get coins in pokemon go? This is very easy. Pokemon Go, the game that came out nowhere and beaten out all the other games in the app store. Everyone knows this game, and many people know Free Pokemon Go Coins. With the coins, you can do a lot into the game. At our website, you can earn them for free. I hear your thinking; how can I start? Well we will explain the steps below

  1. Click on the button “start earning,” and you will be redirected to the signup
  2. Fill in the signup form and make sure you use a valid and working email address. We will send the prizes to this email address when you claim one.
  3. Now you will automatically be redirected to the EarningField in your account. The place where you can earn points and find all the offers, we have.
  4. Make some suggestions and gain some points.
  5. When you have saved enough points, you can claim the card in the claim prize tab into the EarningField.
  6. Now, be a little bit patient until you get an email with the code in it.

Our vision is to provide a fast and easy method to get gift cards that usually cost a lot of money. With PrizeField you can earn Pokemon Coins for free. So, we hope that you can start with this guide. If you still facing issues, we suggest you reach out to us by our contact page so we can help you.

    What is Pokemon GO

    Pokemon Go is a game for IOS and Android smartphones and made by the company that listens to the name Niantic. Pokemon go a combination of real life and the Pokemon world. You can see the Pokemon through your phone in your own home. With Pokemon Go you have one goal; find all Pokemon and catch them. You can walk around in your neighborhood and find a Pokemon in the garden of your neighbor or at the grocery store. Besides that, you also need to search for pokes too. The place where you can collect items such as eggs and more pokeballs to catch more Pokemon

    What are the Pokemon Go Coins?

    When you first start with Pokemon Go, the game is free for a pretty long time, but when you run out of Pokeballs, you have a problem. Without Pokeballs there is no game and the gaming experience will decrease instantly. Moreover, of course, the creators of this game do also need to make some money, so they made the Pokemon Coins. So, when you are out of Pokeballs, you can buy Pokemon Go Coins to buy more Pokeballs so you can catch more Pokemon. The problem with those Pokemon Go Coins is that they are expensive. There is PrizeField coming in. The only working method to get Free Pokemon Go Card in 2019.


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    Avoid generators

    Many websites claim to give you free Pokecoins, but there are only a few websites who do this. We are one of those legit companies because you need to earn the coins here. A lot of other websites that call them self Pokemon Go Hack are fake and are stealing your information and your money. Be aware that you use trusted sites; to do this, you can look at the reviews of a website. For example, check our reviews from our users on our homepage or check the highly trusted company Trustspot. With this method, you can make sure that a website is safe.

    How can you redeem The Coins?

    So now you earned enough points to claim yourself some Pokecoins you want to know how to redeem them and use them in your pokemon go application.  This is very easy to do. We cannot send you pokemon coins, but what we do instead is giving you a 10 dollar PayPal card. With that money, you can buy pokemon coins for yourself. This way we can make the Pokemon Go Coins for free.

    How to buy it then?
    You can buy it in your game on your Android or IOS phone. When you need to pay you can pay with PayPal, that has the amount of money on it from the gift card we gave you by email.

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