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Free iTunes Gift Card 2019

We are pleased that we can deliver Free iTunes gift cards. I can imagine that you are wondering how this works. You can earn Free iTunes Codes by playing games, joining giveaways, watching videos, downloading an app or give your opinion in a survey.

With these simple steps, you can treat yourself with your favorite music, videos, television shows, audiobooks, and podcasts. These days buying iTunes cards is very expensive, that’s why we made this page for you to save some money. PrizeField is easy, safe and unlimited, so why not give it a try?

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    How to get free iTunes codes 2019

    It’s not that difficult to use the iTunes gift code generator with some straightforward steps you’ll never have to pay for your favorite music again. If you don’t trust yourself, you can get help by sending an -email or start the live chat.
    1. The first step to receive free codes is to create an account. You can register yourself by pressing on the button “Start Earning”
    2.     Now you have to create a valid and working account. Now you will be redirected to the Earning Field. It’s as simple as that.
    3.     Getting free iTunes codes is easy, there are several ways to earn your points. Start gaining your points by finishing some simple tasks as watching videos, downloading apps or games, join giveaways or give your opinion in a survey. Every task has a unique value of points, by completing them, there will be a variety of points added to your account. On your dashboard, you’ll see how many points you’ve collected.
    4.     You can claim your free iTunes cards if you have enough points. As you can see it is easy to do for everyone that wants to have a free iTunes gift card code.

    What is iTunes?

    iTunes is originally a media management software created by Apple which Apple started in 2011. You could import your CDs on it so that you can transfer the songs to your iPod, iPhone or iPad. Over the years the function of iTunes has been increasingly transformed. iTunes works as a library for all your multimedia where you can listen to your favorite audio and video files. Besides that, you can also download music, audiobooks, television shows, and podcasts. You can create your playlist so you can listen to your favorite music whenever you want.

    However, you can only do this when you have money on your iTunes account, and with the help of www.prizefield.com, this is possible for free. Apple also uses the program as a hub for everything that has to do with managing your iPhone, iPad, and iPod. By connecting your iDevice to your Mac or PC, you can make a backup, restore the device to factory settings and install updates. iCloud is included in every Apple device. In this way all your photos, files, notes and more are kept safe, always up-to-date and everywhere within reach. Moreover, that’s all automatic so that you can continue with your favorite activities.

    iTunes is available for free at the Apple Site.

    What are iTunes cards 2019

    Since the advent of the iTunes Store, you can also purchase or rent thousands of movies and albums via iTunes by using an iTunes card, or link a credit card to your Apple ID. You can get the iTunes cards for free on this page, so why paying if you can get it for free? The credit on this iTunes card you can use for the following purchases: App Store (apps, subscriptions, and in-app purchases), iTunes (music and movies), iBooks (ebooks and audiobooks), iCloud storage, Apple Music and iTunes Match. There are different types of iTunes credit available which differs from € 10, € 25 to € 50.

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    What can you buy with iTunes Codes?

    There are several things that you can buy with a iTunes Gift card in 2019, you can think of apps, games, movies, and music. Not all of that thing to buy in the iTunes store are popular, so let’s let take them apart and explain them detailed.


    The phones these days are all about application right? Our phones are not just phones anymore it is a smartphone. And of course, the company Apple made an application especially for the iPhone. There are over 80 million applications in the app store that you buy with all his unique functionality. You can think of WhatsApp, Netflix, Spotify maybe your school or your work has its intern application. All those applications can be bought in the apple store, not all of them because many of them are free but still a massive amount of advanced use where you need to pay for. Apps are the most famous future people spend over millions of dollar on applications.


    PlayStation 4, Xbox, PC are not the only console to play on. You can also game on your mobile phone, and Apple sees this as a significant factor in a daily phone. Many kids and older people are playing games on their phone, like candy crush, angry bird, FIFA 19, Headstone and many more. It’s a great and ideal way to let time go faster when you are bored. Besides that, there are so many games in the Apps store that you have tons of work to try them all. We from Prizefield suggest you buy games because gaming on the phone gets better and better these days

    Music and movies

    Are also buyable in the AppStore, the only problem with it is. It’s costly, and there are way better alternatives. For the music, we all know Spotify and Deezer those applications are also available in the Appstore and way better and cheaper than apple music.

    For the movies, we can tell the same story why should you buy one movie in the Appstore for 20 dollars when you can stream 1000 movies on Netflix for only 10 dollars a month. In this case, Apple does a terrible job. So, in the end, we can not suggest you buy music or movies with your Free iTunes Gift Card. However, in the end, you decide that you buy with your Free iTunes Money, we only honestly suggest you.

    How to redeem iTunes cards?

    After completing several tasks, you have the number of points to claim your free iTunes card. If you claimed it, you’d have to redeem it before you can use it. From experience, we know that many people have problems with this. That is why we explain this on this page. We will describe two methods through the iTunes Store app and the Apple Store app on your device:

    iTunes Store app

    First of all, you have to select the music tab on the bottom menu. After you clicked on the button scroll down to the bottom of the featured albums. You will see a redeem icon right here. Click on redeem, and now you have to type the promo code or iTunes gift card number in the field. After filling this text field in click on redeem in the top right corner. Now you will have your Free iTunes Cards.

    Apple Store app

    The steps will be almost the same as described above. Select on the bottom menu the tab featured. You will be redirected to the next page. Scroll to the features apps which will be on the bottom of the page, and now you will see a redeem icon. Click on the redeem button and type in the promo code or iTunes gift card number. You only have to click on redeem in the top right corner for finishing the process. Now you will have your Free Apple Gift Card.

    Why should I choose PrizeField?

    There are many reasons why you have to choose PrizeField above other pages.
    The main reason is that this page is safe to use. PrizeField is a legal company that gives prizes in exchange for completing surveys. We don’t use your personal information for other than our website, sending codes, special deals, and new coupon codes. We know there are a lot of fake generators which will scam you. We added a fake-website-checker to this page so you can always check if this page is safe or you can check other pages. We protect your account from hackers by using Cloudflare. Cloudflare is a security DNS software that makes this sure if you have concerns about the safety of PrizeField check our privacy policy or contact us by e-mail or live chat. Besides we are safe to use we have plenty of other reasons why you have to choose us. We have the best offers with the most prizes, and we are very generous in giving points, so you get your total points faster, so you quickly get to your iTunes gift card.

    How fast will I get the code?

    You usually get the code the same day, but we are currently experiencing much traffic why it’s hard to fulfill everyone’s wishes the same day. We have great support so you can always contact us by sending us an e-mail or start a live chat if you experience problems. Despite the traffic, we are the fastest on the web. Many pages have payments every month where we excel in weekly payouts. Our goal for the future is to deliver codes within an hour; we are busy working on this.  Why earn with Prizefield? Getting iTunes codes with PrizeField is the best solution far away from al alternatives; this is because we are the fastest and the easiest way to get Free iTunes Codes.
    Furthermore, when you are using PrizeField, you earn points without any costs. Collecting is not buying so we are also the cheapest method to get iTunes codes. However, that does not mean that we are the only way to get Free iTunes Codes Other ways to get iTunes Codes There are merely different ways where you can get some iTunes Codes, for example, go to the local store and buy one. The downside of this is the buying part it will cost you money, and iTunes card is not that cheap for most people. It is just another subscription that they do not want you to have. The other way is to go to an earning competitor from PrizeField, the downside of this is no competitor has a live chat and besides that, not a single competitor pays you out faster then we do. The most earning websites are paying out users once a month. So, in the end, we think Prizefield is the correct solution for this problem, and we make all involved participants happy. So why waiting and gain some Free iTunes Cards 2019 today.

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