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Earn Free Gems For Clash Royale by doing small jobs. a legal way to get Clash Royale Gems!

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Free Gems for Clash Royale, earn them at PrizeField!

Free Gems for Clash Royale is one of the 40+ prizes you can earn at PrizeField. PrizeField is the number one website to earn rewards, gift cards and money. By looking at video’s, playing games, downloading apps and filling out surveys you can get gems for Clash Royale. We don’t make use of a Clash Royale mod or something similar to that. We are a legit company where you can earn Clash Royale free gems in a fair way. So why waiting? Increase your Clash Royale gaming experience with gaining some Free Gems for Clash Royale.

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    How to get free gems in clash royale

    Getting free gems in Clash Royale is very easy. At PrizeField you can earn points, and with those points, you can claim a Free Clash Royale Gift Card. This gift card will make sure that you will receive the Clash Royale Gems that you have earned at our EarningField. Our EarningField is a dashboard that makes it possible to earn points, collect points and claim prizes. To get access to your own, unique EarningField, you must follow the steps below.

    1. The first step is pressing on the button at the top of the website that says ‘Start Earning”.
    2. Once you have completed the first step, it’s time to register yourself at PrizeField.com make sure you use a valid email address because we sent the gifts by email. Besides that, make sure you use a strong password so that it protects well.
    3. When you have registered a unique account on our website, it is time to earn some points. After your registration or log in, you will see the EarningField; this is the place where the magic happens. Start with collecting some points so you can treat yourself with some Clash Royale Gems.
    4. Once you have collected enough points, you can claim your Clash Royale Gems. Go to the claim prizes tab, this the tab where you can request your free gems.
    5. When you completed step 4, you have to be a bit patient because we are sending you the money to purchase the gems as soon as possible.

    What are Clash Royale gems?

    Gems are critical in the game Clash Royale game; it is the current currency in the game. Having some Clash Royale gems allow you to open chests that you can obtain from the Arena. When entering an Arena, you can get a varying amount of gems; this does not mean you will always get gems from the Arena. Mostly you have the most significant change to get gems with free chests and crown chest, on average you will get 2 to 4 gems a time. 2-4 gems are decidedly fewer gems, so there is also an option to buy gems in the game for real money. When you buy more, you get more gems for 1 dollar, but be aware that it’s real money and very expensive. Many people are not able to purchase gems daily.  With our system, you can earn gems for free so you can save your money for more essential things in life.

    Spending gems

    There are right ways and wrong ways to spend your gems. Let’s kick off with some positive things to do with it. The first thing you should buy when having gems in clash royale is to use them on challenges. This way you get way more gold as cards than when you spending your gems on other things.

    Player believes that the chest in the shop is a guaranteed great card which is not the case. It can happen if you are lucky, but in the end, it is not the best thing you can do with your gems.

    Clash Royale Card3 Big

    When buying gems you need to spend them wisely. You can spend them on legendary open chests but in that case, you have to be patient. Save them for a longer time. In reality, this is very hard for people, and in the end, they will spend them because they do not have this patient.

    The other way to send your gems wisely is to trade it for gold or other resources. What we suggest to do is save your gems for buying gold in one time. You get paid for being patient, look at the prices:

    Price in gemsAmount coin you will get

    As you can see it is quite smart to wait till you have 4500 gems, but in the end, you will need to have a lot of patience and discipline not to buy the packed with 10.000.

    Don’t buy shop chest with gems?

    A lot of new Clash Royale players are making the same mistake, buying chests with gems. People make that mistake because of a lot of Clash Royale

    We have more cards!

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    What is Clash Royale?

    Clash Royale is a video game for Android and IOS or in other worth a game for phones and tablets. Clash Royale has been developed by a company called supercell. Supercell has more android / IOS games in the market and are doing it very well. One of them is Clash Of Clans. Some of the characters in the game are based on the Clash of Clans game.

    Clash Royale is a game where players will battle each other in different area’s; players have the opportunity to unlock a new card in every area. All cards have his special power, you have units, spells, and buildings, you can recognize them on the image that is printed on the front side of the card. The battleground does have three towers; you will earn crowns by destroying towers from your opponent.

    Essential game elements are the elixir, cards, and chests. The cards are making your deck and your strategy, with elixir you can buy upgrades to the card and with a chest you can win elixir or new cards. Clash Royale can be played for free, but you can choose to buy some Slash Royale gems. Those gems will increase your gaming experience as we explained before. With PrizeField you can earn those Clash Royale gems for free.

    Avoid Tools and mods

    People think that they can get Free Clash Royale gems by using online Clash Royale mod apk that are provided on the web. Unfortunately, all those Clash Royale tools are fake and will not give one gem! The developers of those bad websites are trying to get your money. Most of that site requires a fake human verification that you need to complete and when you did this, you will not get the gems.

    PrizeField is something else

    With PrizeField you cannot mod Clash Royale or download some Clash Royale apk. No, with PrizeField you need to earn those gems on a legit way by doing small jobs for our advertisers. By doing those jobs we get a small amount of money, we convert the cash into points. Once you have enough points, you can claim some Clash Royale gems for free. So PrizeField is free because you work for it and not buy something to get the gems. PrizeField is already a highly rated company that is recommended by most of you; you should check what other people say about PrizeField.com at the TrustSpot! Moreover, after you used our website to earn Clash Royale gems feel free to add a comment on TrustSpot, we would love it!

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    Why Wait? Enter The PrizeField Now!

    How get Free Clash Royale Gems on your account?

    When you claimed a Clash Royale Gift Card at our EarningField you will receive an email from us with a verification, so you have the proof that you have earned something at our website. Usually, we send Gift Codes by email, but clash Royale does not have any Gift Card, so we made them our selves. When you claimed a Clash Royale card, we will send you money by PayPal so that you can purchase the gems for Clash Royale for yourself. We do this because PayPal is very fast and you will receive the money directly. You can also claim a PayPal card when you request a PayPal card you will also earn money. In the end, requesting a PayPal card or a Clash Royale card is the same.  So when you claimed a Clash Royale card, and you need the money for something else, then you are free to spend the money on something else.

    Clash Royale Fun
    Clash Royale Flying Bomb

    Why collect with us?

    Why should you use PrizeField for getting gems for Clash Royale? The answer to this question is pretty simple, PrizeFieldis a solution for people that do not have the money for some Clash Royale Gems but still need to have some gems. In this case is PrizeField the ultimate solution. Besides that PrizeField is very easy to use and available on every device from PC, phone and even on your tablet you can earn some points.

    Furthermore, PrizeField is very fast with paying out. While similar sites only pay out once a month, we payout every week and in some cases instantly. So enough reasons to gain some points and earn some Clash Royale prizes at PrizeField.

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