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How to Earn Free Bitcoins legally?

Do you want free Bitcoins? This is possible with PrizeField. With us, you can get free Bitcoins by filling in surveys, watching videos, playing games, downloading apps, inviting friends and many more. In short, by performing small tasks for us that you can do from your home, you will receive PrizePoints. You can exchange these points for 1 of our prizes, include the Bitcoins gift card. A Bitcoin gift card is called a gift card with us, but in the end, it is nothing more than that you transfer an amount of money in Bitcoins. This amount is highly dependent on the current dollar / Bitcoins exchange rate that currently applies. Have you always wanted some Bitcoins or do you see it as a good investment? Buy a Bitcoin gift card from us with your points  today by creating a account!

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    What is a Bitcoin?

    A white paper appeared on the internet in 2008 describing a peer-to-peer payment system that should be able to function fully decentrally. The author of the white paper called himself Satoshi Nakamoto, but who is behind this pseudonym is unknown.

    Bitcoins are nothing more than a currency that can only be used online, it is not physical money, but it still has value. The idea behind the Bitcoin is that the Bitcoin payment system can exist alongside the regular currency. Bitcoins are also a way of value exchange from person to person directly without involving a third person. This is also called a peer-to-peer payment system. But the backbone of the Bitcoin is a Blockchain, and what this means will you read in the next section.

    What is Block Chain?

    A Blockchain is a kind of database. The strength of the Bitcoin Blockchain is that it is decentralized. That means that there are millions of computers all over the world that have the payment history of all Bitcoins transactions. Besides, these same computers check whether the Bitcoins transactions are valid. A traditional bank can easily be laid flat by attacking the server or even destroying the servers. With Blockchain, this is not possible because there are so many computers with this history that it is almost impossible to attack or kill all those computers at the same time. This means that many people have a lot of confidence in the Bitcoin and the Blockchain network.

    Other coins

    In addition to the most famous Bitcoins, there are also other crypto currencies in the world. For example Ether or Ripple which is the most familiar ones. We do not yet have these cards at PrizeField, but should these currencies become even more popular, we will certainly add them to our prize list.

    How do you get Bitcoins?

    There are five ways to get Bitcoins:
    – Claim a Bitcoins gift card through us
    – By accepting bitcoins for the sale of services and goods
    – By buying them merely on the online market
    – Some companies also give the employee a choice to have their salary paid in bitcoins

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    Gift Card Collection

    PayPal Card
    Fortnite Card
    Roblox Card
    Google Play Card
    Nintendo eShop Card
    Spotify Card
    Phone Crypto explain

    How to get Bitcoins at prizefield?

    Getting bitcoins by prizefield is very easy, just like any other gift card that can be claimed with PrizeField. If you claim Bitcoins through our website, you get it faster than with a PayPal transaction or a gift. A Bitcoin shipment is instant and is immediately credited to your account.

    By filling in ads such as: watching videos, filling in surveys, playing games, downloading apps. moreover, you can also invite friends by your referral link you can earn points on our website. You can redeem these points for prizes (often in the form of a gift card). Bitcoins payout on PrizeField is popular. But PayPal and PlayStation will be the most wanted gift card on our site. And this is of course not for nothing; it is true that many people can make a profit with this on the crypto fair.

    What can you do with Bitcoins

    With Bitcoins, you can do a lot, but not everything. In the online world, you can often buy everything, and on many websites, you can already buy something with Bitcoins. Besides that, it is, of course, great merchandise. There are even people who think that 1 Bitcoin is worth more than a gold bar. However, we should not see this from PrizeField. It is true that Bitcoins fluctuates greatly and that is why smart purchasing at the right time and quick selling are an essential part of the Bitcoin trade at the moment.

    There is also a bit of a dark side to the Bitcoins; this is because it is also often used for the black market. Because, if you have Bitcoins it is registered, but this is not in the hands of banks or accessible to the local government. That is why many criminals are bathed at Bitcoins because the payments can be made almost entirely anonymously. However, this is not the intention of the Bitcoins, and we will not elaborate on this either.

    Why Wait? Enter The PrizeField Now!

    Prevent you from being scammed

    There are fake generators for Bitcoins as well as for many other prizes we have on PrizeField. You have to be careful for these generators. They usually only want your money and you don’t receive your Bitcoins at all. We will advise you if you don’t trust the webpage, than don’t start anything on the page. The generators on the pages are being used for something that doesn’t work and is too good to be true. For that reason you are being scammed. So please think before you act.

    Why earn Bitcoins with us?

    We are a reading system that has a model so you can get free prizes/money in exchange for small tasks. This is a unique system that allows you to experiment with Bitcoins for free and it can also make you very rich. You can become very rich with Bitcoins because you can claim them with us for free. You can trade with the Bitcoins. As mentioned earlier if you trade with bitcoins you must sell the Bitcoins at the right time to make a lot of profit. In addition, you can also exchange them for example with a different crypto currency. But the most critical reason to earn bitcoins from us is that you can make them legally and not lose any money. So don’t wait any longer and start winning PrizePoints on our website today! Sign up for an account and grant yourself a nice amount in Bitcoins

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