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Welcome to PrizeField, a website to earn Free Amazon Gift Cards. There are so many things we love to purchase on Amazon, but you can only spend your money once. I hear you thinking where I can buy Amazon Gift Cards? So for the shopping people, we add the Amazon Free Shipping Code. Stop spent all your money on Amazon and pamper yourself with a Free Amazon Gift Card today. Create an account and start collecting some points by doing surveys, watching videos, downloading apps and playing games. Once you have collected enough points, you can do some Free Amazon shipping. Besides that you can use PrizeField as many times you like, that means that you can collect as many Amazon Gift Cards you like. Give it a try today and register below.

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How to get Free Amazon Gift Cards Codes

To get started with getting Free Amazon Cards you need to create an account. Besides that, you need to know what the EarningField is. The EarningField is the first place that you will see after you signup/login into PrizeField. With the PrizeField EarninField, you manage your points, spend them, earn them and claim a card. Besides that, you will get a referral link that you can share to get even more points. So now you know in short terms what our EarningField is we can start explaining about how to get started with earning Free Amazon Money. Make sure you follow these steps:

  1. Signup to PrizeField account to gain access to the EarningField.
  2. Start collecting some points.
  3. When you have collected enough points, you can claim an Amazon Gift Card by clicking on the tab “Claim Prize.”
  4. Choose the Amazon Card you like and press on “claim.”
  5. Now you have to be patient. We are sending you the code by email.

What are Amazon Gift Cards

In case you don’t know what an Amazon Gift Card is we explain it in this paragraph if you do know what an Amazon card is you should skip this section.

An Amazon Gift Card is nothing more than a card that has a money value on it. Most of the time the amount will be between 20 and 500 dollars. With this gift card, you can spend money on the Amazon website. You can only spend the Amazon gift card on something in the Amazon Store. The fact that you can use this gift card only on Amazon will not have any adverse effects, because Amazon sells almost everything you can think of.  Usually, you can buy such cards in a local store, and you can gift them to people you like. However, on PrizeField it is also possible to get an Amazon Free Shipping Code by earning it. The Amazon gift card is a code that stands on the back of the card. This code can be redeemed to your Amazon account. When you did redeem the code, you can spend the money on Amazon.

What is Amazon?

Amazon is a massive American company that has a hometown in Seattle. They started with selling books, but books are for a minimum target, so they needed to grow. Today Amazon has all the product you can think off, they have over 580 million products and make huge turnovers of 178 billion a year. Amazon is already active on half the world and will continue to grow every year. Amazon is one of the most potential company’s in the world at the moment. With over 150 million active users they are the biggest webshop in the world. So there is no product you cannot find on Amazon. So why are you waiting? Grab an account and grab some points and get your self some Free Amazon Money.

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Why earn Amazon Gift Cards at PrizeField?

The biggest reason why you should get your Amazon Free Shipping Code on Prizefield.com is the giftcards are all for free. Buying products on Amazon is expensive, with a free card you can buy whatever you want. Besides that, we have over 30 prizes that you can choose from, so if you need a ps4 game do not buy it on amazon but try to get enough points for PlayStation codes. PrizeField has a solution for a much costly problem in life. With earning some points by filling out a bunch of surveys will help you save much money at the end of the month.

However, there is more; you will also get your prize faster than you will get by our competitors. We can send you your giftcard almost directly.

Other prizes

Walmart Card
Pokemon Go Card
Macy card
Google Play Card
Netflix Card
iTunes Card
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Don’t fall for Free Amazon Gift Card Generators.

We, the staff of PrizeField cannot say it enough. Stay away from those Code Generators. Those generators will costs you only money, and in the end, you will get nothing. It is pretty logical that you cannot get something with a generator, because by filling out one survey they can never purchase you a gift card with the value of 10 dollars. So please do not fall for it because they will scam you and earn gift cards on PrizeField.

How can prizefield make cards for free?

PrizeField is a rewarding earning system that tries to please everyone that is involved. The participants that are included with this earning system are the user, PrizeField itself and the advertisers. When you fill in a survey, the advertiser is happy with data and Prize Field is happy because they make some money. However, in the end most important thing for us is that you can earn some points to claim a Free Amazon Codes. So in this model, everyone has his benefit by joining this website. This system can not be compared with a fake generator. Still not sure about PrizeField.com? Then you should check out reviews and check out what other users say about us.

How to redeem an Amazon Card.

Now you have received a Gift Card for Amazon you need to redeem it in your Amazon account so you can make use of the money. To do this, you need to login on your account. If you don’t have an account, you can quickly register yourself. Once you have created an account, you have to find your code that we’ve sent you by email. Copy the code and go to this official Amazon redeem page. Now follow the next steps:

  1. Go to your account
  2. Click Apply a Gift Card to Your Account.
  3. Paste the code that you copied before
  4. Now press on the redeem button, and you receive the money on your account.

Redeem Amazon Gift Card

How to spend the Amazon money?

When you have the money added to your Amazon account, you want to spend it. You can buy something in the store; Amazon will always first use the money that you have on an account before it asks you to pay with your credit card or PayPal. So now you have bought your product we have to guide you to the whole process of PrizeField and earning a Free Gift Amazon Gift. Enjoy your hard-earned free prize and start Free Amazone Shipping.

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