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Prizefield is a rewarding website where you can collect PrizePoints by doing offers. With PrizePoints you get Free Gift Cards or Money

How Does PrizeField Work?

What DO WE DO?

Earn Free Gift Cards or Free PayPal Money by earning points! You can earn points by doing small task like watching a promotion video, play a game from our sponsors, download a application for your mobile phone and run it, or fill out some simple surveys to help business grow.


Earn unlimited Free PayPal Money, by doing some simple tasks like watching video”s and playing games. PrizeField is the ideaal place for you to earn some extra money every now and then.

More then 40 Gift Cards

You can choose from more then 40 gift cards like PlayStation, Xbox, Amazon or even Fortnite. Take a look at our whole prize collection

Working on every device

PrizeField is working on every device; you can use it on your mobile phone, tablet or PC without any problem. We are even working on a special android and IOS application.

Quick payment

Because we have integrated our own payment API we can make sure that we are the fastest rewarding network on the planet! So you can earn some money quickly

Personal Account manager

Everyone has his account manager. With an account manager, we are sure that we can give you the best-optimized support that fits your needs

Legal & Unlimited

Our website is legal to use and you can use it as many times you like! If you are motivated you can double your normal income easily

Earn Free Gift Cards / Money

A gift card gives you the change to purchase your favorite game, music, streaming platforms, film or even in your favorite store around the corner. It is the same as a voucher. Also, a gift card is also a great gift to your mother, father, grandfather, aunt or best friend. Everyone know the problem, you have a birthday of your best friend, but you don’t know what to buy. Give that special someone a birthday present you know they will love with an iTunes gift card and give him the choice of thousands of songs, books, and films to download and enjoy. Or maybe you are looking for a special birthday gift for your wife or girlfriend; you can treat them with a shopping gift card by Walmart or Macy. Make your loved ones feel special on their birthdays.

Usually, you should leave the house to buy a gift card. Fortunately, this is no longer necessary. You can now stay at home claiming your gift card on the couch with your legs up. As described earlier you can earn your gift card or make money online by filling out offers. Offers consist of various tasks such as watching videos from our advertisers, download apps, playing games, fill out surveys and joining giveaways. Important to appoint; joining giveaways produces a lot of points, and you can also win even more prizes, such as winning a car!

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Earning at PrizeField

 So if you can read earning points at PrizeField is pretty simple and getting your favorite gift card can be very fast. I hear you thinking how can I start as quickly as possible? Well, first you have to create an account on PrizeField. You can do this by pressing the button called ‘sign up’. As soon as you created an account you get access to the EarningField and you can start collection points. The EarningField presents your total number of pints, the points you have spent, how many card you have already received and the total number of earned points in general. Furthermore, you can find the referral link which you can use to invite your friends. If your friends also start earning points, you can get 75 points extra.

After creating your personal account you can start to collect, store and spend your earned points. As explained above there are various ways to complete offers. Believe me, it are very easy ways to make money. Each offer has a unique number of points which will be granted when they are completed. We will explain below which offers you can complete to get points.

PrizeField Prizes

Pokemon Go Card
PlayStation Plus Card
Steam Card
Fornite Card
Roblox Card
PayPal Card
Amazon Card
Clash Of Clans Card
PlayStation Card
Clash Royale Card
Google Play
Xbox Card
iTunes Card
Nintendo eShop Card
8 Ball Pool Card
Spotify Card
Netflix Card
Minecraft Card

How to earn Points?

Playing Games

The second thing you can do to earn some points is playing games from our advertisers. This will be one of the easiest ways to make your PrizeField points. Everyone loves to play a game from time to time, but by completing this little task, you can earn your points quickly.

Playing Games

The first method is watching videos. Lean back and enjoy some nice video’s that our advertisers made for yours. They are watching the video’s does not give you a huge amount of points. You do not get a lot of points for watching videos because the effort intensity is very low. But watching videos also have an advantage, because it is straightforward to do.

Join Giveaway's

Last but not least you can join giveaways to earn some points. This offer is probably the best offer we propose. Besides earning points, you have high chances to win something more significant than a gift card. Certain individuals have already won prizes like a brand new car, television and a value check of 1000 dollars.

Download an application

The third offer is downloading an application on your smartphone or tablet. Our advertisers develop the apps we recommend to download. They would like to hear your opinion about the app and ask you therefore to install it. By keeping the app on your smartphone or tablet, the advertisers know that you like the app.

Fill-out Suvey's

We know that de fourth offer is not the easiest one, but for us has it the biggest profit in terms of points. The surveys have been draft by various companies. The companies want to get to know their target group better and therefore ask you questions about their ideas or products to be able to analyze to what extent the idea is appreciated. You can fill out surveys for money or collecting a lot of points. In some cases, you have already reached 50% of the total number of points by completing a survey.

Refarrel A Friend

There is one more thing that you can do to earn some quick and easy points. You can referral a friend, this means invinting him to join our network. When someone join PrizeField through your link you will get some Free PrizePoints. To learn more check the referral system page.

Why choose us?

There are many reasons why you should try our website over another competitor



Best advertisers

We have the best offers

+40 gift cards

We have the most prizes

Most points

We give the most points for an offer.

Simple and free

It is simple and free!

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Fast payments

Every week payouts.

Support all devices

IOS, MacOS, Android, Windows.

Live chat

We have a very handy live chat.


For all your questions.

PrizeField works everywhere

PrizeField is a brand that you find everywhere; You can use anywhere in the world. As long you have a PrizeField account you can earn points and claim prizes!

Offers everwhere

PrizeField have a massive network of high-quality advertisers that know have offers and ads for you at any place in the world. We have a massive amount of advertisers because we want to make sure that every user has the same opportunity to earn gift cards.

Worldwide Delivery

Besides that fact that PrizeField Provide worldwide ads so that you can earn points. prizefield can also deliver the cards worldwide! We send codes by email, and we have tons of stock, so we are blazing fast sending gift card codes all over the world. If you claim some earned cash, you will get it by PayPal or Paysafe card!

Works on every device

It also does not matter if you are an iPhone user or an Android user; we got a version for both devices. You can use PrizeField on IOS, Windows, Android, MacOS and even Linux.

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Get gift cards with our PrizeField App

With PrizeField you can earn points to claim gift cards and PayPal money. You can make points on every device, so even when you are waiting for something you can grab your phone, the tablet or PC and start earning. With our huge list of different gift cards, you can buy everything you can think of!

  •     Earn Gift Cards for Free
  •     Earn money from home

40+ gift cards

PrizeField offers different prizes. We have chosen for these prizes because there are the most popular around the world. The gift cards you can claim on PrizeField are presented below, for example, free Amazon gift card, free Google Play gift card or free Xbox gift cards. We currently have more than 40 gift cards, but we are still trying to add more and more prizes. Also, our Marketing team is working hard to get the most popular and newest prizes in our range. Do you still miss a price between all these great prizes? Please send us a message through our contact page.

How can PrizeField offer gift card codes?

PrizeField is an online platform that searches for advertisers. These advertisers are prepared to pay for your opinion. So when you fill out an offer, we will get a small amount of money, and you will get the points. We use the money to keep PrizeField online and to buy new gift cards for our customers. Everyone who is involved in this process is in a winning situation. You will get your points, we will get our money, and our advertisers get information about the small job you perform so that they can solve their business problems.

Prizefield Tasks

PrizeField, the solution for subscriptions

By using PrizeField, you will save a lot of money which you can spend on other fun things. By doing some small tasks, you can ultimately enjoy your most beautiful film, favorite music or the most beautiful skins. How nice will it be if you win on your first day on PrizeField big prizes by taking part in the giveaways? Or even earn money with online work. Make money from home is the best and fastest way to earn cash.

Then you can watch your favorite movie and also enjoy a brand new television. I think everyone dares to dream of that. Besides the fact we offer fantastic prizes, we also are the easiest, fastest in payouts and the most reliable on the web. Would you like to know how others rate PrizeField? Then take a look at the Trustspot.

Be aware of gift card generators

We want to warn you for gift card generators on the internet. You will not be surprised, but they don’t work. They are not reliable and only out on your money. Forewarned is forearmed!


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